29 June, 2017

Gin Of The Month - Orthodoxy Colombian Aged Gin by Dictador

This month we are crossing the ocean to discover a gin coming directly from Colombia - Orthodoxy Colombian Aged Gin by Dictador.

Orthodoxy Colombian Aged Gin's recipe comes from former Dictador's president Dario Parra and is the result of his studies about gin, developed during his visits to UK.
Made from a unique blend which combines traditional ingredients with Colombian berries, botanicals, peels, roots and spices, the spirit is rested in rum barrels to allow the flavours to intensify. This peculiar process gives the spirit a slight amber hue in colour and a very unique and smooth taste.

Originally produced for Mr Parra's personal consumption only, this gin is now distilled on a large scale so its flavoursome taste can be enjoyed by #ginlovers around the world!
So, pop in and let our bartenders tell you more about our #GinOfTheMonth!

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