14 September, 2017

Limited Edition Haute Couture Cocktail

Not to be out done by its sister cities, Paris, New York and Milan, starting today The London Fashion Week consumes our city and until the 19th September, the capital will go crazy for fashion.

To celebrate uniqueness, design and style Gillray’s bar will be offering a special Haute Couture Cocktail, the Blue Thunder in a limited edition.

Why not toast to your favourite fashion icons with a bespoke cocktail?

Our bartender creation team has mixed up this colourful cocktail with Gin Beefeater, Asahi Yuzu Sake, Blue Curacao, Mango Juice and Coconut Syrup.

Follow the trend! Try our cocktail! Let us know on social media! - #Gillrays

Available until Tuesday 19th September 2017.

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